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The Rise And Fall Of The Resilient Adapt-a-vores And The Agrivultures From Mars

I’m respectfully borrowing an album title from David Bowie, The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars. There’s no real connection other than I love the title and reworking it for this piece seemed appropriate.  Human beings have done a tremendous job in the very short amount of time we’ve been […]

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The WHOLE Truth

This post should be considered part II of my previous post. It’s a bit more hopeful and will provide solutions to the bleak picture previously painted… Shhhhhhh, it’s a secret! The big secret is, there is no secret! It’s not as though this non-secret is new. You can read about it from from the writings […]

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Under The Influence

As the world outside slowly transforms into a black and white sketch. The dark grey sky sits low and heavy as though it’s about to fall. Soon we will be blanketed in white. Under the cold of winter. Preserved and frozen. I often think of this planet and how it keeps restoring and renewing itself. […]

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