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Weight Equals Waste

Yesterday, I read a blog that my brother wrote and realized I hadn’t written anything for quite a while. This was inspired by his piece. Looking back on how I lived prior to my transition into the vegan way of life, it seems like a dream…maybe, it’s more like a nightmare. To think of the […]

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The Reluctant Prophets of the Veganites

I can recall when I first became a colon therapist and worked with Gil Jacobs. I had known him for years prior, so I understood his philosophy and I began to shape my own, under his tutelage. To say that I “hit the ground running” would be an understatement. Knowing I had a very toxic […]

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Rust Never Sleeps

(the title is borrowed from a great song by Neil Young) Rust Even if we can’t see rust because it was covered with paint, it is still there and oxidizing every minute of the day. Paint masks the reality of the underlying rot, which is still happening, regardless of appearance. In other words, if we […]

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Throwing Roses

Lets stop pretending that the “standard medical” approach for treating cancer actually works. Lets stop lying to ourselves and our loved ones who have been diagnosed with this dreaded disease. If the person diagnosed with cancer decides to take on some “holistic” practices like diet change, colonics, juicing, using chlorophyl supplements such as wheat grass […]

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When Chicken Little Cries Wolf

With each passing day, we hear about the so-called “medical advancements.” We don’t see much in the way of anything new and less invasive or outright dangerous. What I believe is happening, is actually a prediction made by an M. D. in the very early nineteen-hundreds: Dr. Tyrell wrote a book called “The Royal Road […]

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Surrender, Surrender…To The Gentle Power Of Colonics!

I want to write about something today that I’ve touched on in the past; I’d like to go deeper into this phenomenon and share with you the miracle that is bowel cleansing. I know this concept may sound a bit strange to the newcomer, but this information is certainly worth sharing. I was treating (administering […]

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