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It’s Been A Long Time. . . Since A Rockin’ Rant!

Yep! I’m borrowing the lyric from Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin. Some things never change. I’d like to welcome everyone to Independently Healthy! I’ve put down the virtual pen for quite some time to tackle some other things. A lot has happened since I’ve written here. Yet, for me not much has changed. The principles […]

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Reductionism: Survival of the Fittest?

And the preservation of profiteering! Throughout history, science has been the one place we turned to get unbiased factual information. Today, most published papers are written by communication companies and signed by scientists who are willing to put their names on these drug company’s marketing devices. A published paper no longer means the study is […]

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Intuition vs. Nutrition

There is a common ground shared by the following vocations: nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, health coaches, and so on. Most of these folks believe that health is achieved by eating foods or combinations of foods, which are nutritionally balanced, providing maximum support to the processes which maintain life. This theory gives not one thought […]

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