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Category Archives: Capitalist Nutrition

The Mother of Intention

This is an slightly updated piece I wrote a few years ago. There is a finite number of colors in the universe. We’ve managed to make millions of colors by rearranging pigments in various ways. We learned also that by rearranging molecules of most things we can come up with “new” things. Plastic comes from […]

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Reductionism: Survival of the Fittest?

And the preservation of profiteering! Throughout history, science has been the one place we turned to get unbiased factual information. Today, most published papers are written by communication companies and signed by scientists who are willing to put their names on these drug company’s marketing devices. A published paper no longer means the study is […]

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The WHOLE Truth

This post should be considered part II of my previous post. It’s a bit more hopeful and will provide solutions to the bleak picture previously painted… Shhhhhhh, it’s a secret! The big secret is, there is no secret! It’s not as though this non-secret is new. You can read about it from from the writings […]

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When Chicken Little Cries Wolf

With each passing day, we hear about the so-called “medical advancements.” We don’t see much in the way of anything new and less invasive or outright dangerous. What I believe is happening, is actually a prediction made by an M. D. in the very early nineteen-hundreds: Dr. Tyrell wrote a book called “The Royal Road […]

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Intuition vs. Nutrition

There is a common ground shared by the following vocations: nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, health coaches, and so on. Most of these folks believe that health is achieved by eating foods or combinations of foods, which are nutritionally balanced, providing maximum support to the processes which maintain life. This theory gives not one thought […]

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Under The Influence

As the world outside slowly transforms into a black and white sketch. The dark grey sky sits low and heavy as though it’s about to fall. Soon we will be blanketed in white. Under the cold of winter. Preserved and frozen. I often think of this planet and how it keeps restoring and renewing itself. […]

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