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Category Archives: Protein Debate

Protein: The Least Understood Food Group

I want to share something here concerning protein and the absurd level of obsession that the public has with “getting enough protein”, as well as the source from which most people choose to get their protein. First off, it is my belief and experience that protein is NOT a nutrient, in the form which most […]

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The Egg Has Many Faces!

I am writing this piece as per the request from a good friend. This friend eats a diet of mostly raw foods and very occasionally eats a little bit of cooked foods – the one non-vegan food he eats is raw egg yolks. He uses the organic, brown eggs. This may seem like a strange […]

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Intuition vs. Nutrition

There is a common ground shared by the following vocations: nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, health coaches, and so on. Most of these folks believe that health is achieved by eating foods or combinations of foods, which are nutritionally balanced, providing maximum support to the processes which maintain life. This theory gives not one thought […]

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