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Category Archives: Cancer

Telling Tall Tales From A Shallow Pond

This is another older piece written with fire and passion. This was also written before Obamacare or The Affordable Health Care Act was delivered to the public. I heard something today that was simply astounding. I thought to name this post “Dumb, dumber, dumbest.” Which would have represented the fictitious, nonsensical, insane ramblings from people […]

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Evolution Revolution

Cancer doesn’t just happen to people. MS doesn’t just occur without causation. Disease isn’t a lottery draw—and the way in which we adapt can’t always be considered progress. Human beings are being augmented by drugs and genetic modification of the food supply. Are we evolving into a drug-dependent species? Are we altering our genes because […]

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The Rise And Fall Of The Resilient Adapt-a-vores And The Agrivultures From Mars

I’m respectfully borrowing an album title from David Bowie, The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars. There’s no real connection other than I love the title and reworking it for this piece seemed appropriate.  Human beings have done a tremendous job in the very short amount of time we’ve been […]

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Throwing Roses

Lets stop pretending that the “standard medical” approach for treating cancer actually works. Lets stop lying to ourselves and our loved ones who have been diagnosed with this dreaded disease. If the person diagnosed with cancer decides to take on some “holistic” practices like diet change, colonics, juicing, using chlorophyl supplements such as wheat grass […]

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When Chicken Little Cries Wolf

With each passing day, we hear about the so-called “medical advancements.” We don’t see much in the way of anything new and less invasive or outright dangerous. What I believe is happening, is actually a prediction made by an M. D. in the very early nineteen-hundreds: Dr. Tyrell wrote a book called “The Royal Road […]

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