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It’s Been A Long Time. . . Since A Rockin’ Rant!

Yep! I’m borrowing the lyric from Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin. Some things never change. I’d like to welcome everyone to Independently Healthy! I’ve put down the virtual pen for quite some time to tackle some other things. A lot has happened since I’ve written here. Yet, for me not much has changed. The principles […]

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Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll

I heard an ad this morning on NPR that triggered a thought, or better yet awakened an old recurring thought: I’m fervently anti-drugs, especially pharmaceutical drugs for long-term treatment, however I am also aware that certain drugs are necessary to save some lives in acute situations. However, to prescribe a medication to people for life […]

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Throwing Roses

Lets stop pretending that the “standard medical” approach for treating cancer actually works. Lets stop lying to ourselves and our loved ones who have been diagnosed with this dreaded disease. If the person diagnosed with cancer decides to take on some “holistic” practices like diet change, colonics, juicing, using chlorophyl supplements such as wheat grass […]

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The Ice Breaker

This is my first of many blogs to come, hence, the name “Ice Breaker.” I speak and write about health from hands-on experience. Having been a victim of the medical “industry” for so long, I became perplexed by the approach that these so-called scientists were taking and realized they are not in the health and […]

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