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Category Archives: The Problem with Raw Foods

The Reluctant Prophets of the Veganites

I can recall when I first became a colon therapist and worked with Gil Jacobs. I had known him for years prior, so I understood his philosophy and I began to shape my own, under his tutelage. To say that I “hit the ground running” would be an understatement. Knowing I had a very toxic […]

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The Egg Has Many Faces!

I am writing this piece as per the request from a good friend. This friend eats a diet of mostly raw foods and very occasionally eats a little bit of cooked foods – the one non-vegan food he eats is raw egg yolks. He uses the organic, brown eggs. This may seem like a strange […]

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Inforexia Or Liar! Liar!

Every time someone comes along to tell me about this new discovery of some key missing ingredient in the human diet, I usually respond the same way. Over time, I’ve heard about the perfect probiotic, soil-based nutrients, co Q10, MSM. . .! These are the things that are lacking in our lives and will make […]

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