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Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll

I heard an ad this morning on NPR that triggered a thought, or better yet awakened an old recurring thought: I’m fervently anti-drugs, especially pharmaceutical drugs for long-term treatment, however I am also aware that certain drugs are necessary to save some lives in acute situations.

However, to prescribe a medication to people for life is becoming the norm rather than the exception. The topic I want to focus on today isn’t that we are a drug laden society, but more the kinds of drugs we are creating and marketing—while making enormous amounts of money.

Sex sells! Drugs Sell! Drugs that enhance sexual performance of afflicted men really sell. So the question that always, uhh, POPS up is this: Why are so many relatively young men and even those who are more advanced in age unable to get it up? Now, before I take out my soapbox and embark on my rant, I want to clarify somethings. I am less concerned with the fact that drug companies provide a drug for men to regain their manhood.

My concern is as follows: why is it that so many men’s health is compromised? Why is the public, suffering from so many ailments? Why are we okay with the illusion of health, the “quick fix”? Moreover, there seems to be a severe lack of inquisitive people demanding more from the medical world.

Puff The Magic Dragon
Like most illnesses and conditions the actual problem isn’t necessarily located where the symptom arises, or doesn’t arise. Our medical community became an industry by dealing with symptoms, rather than source; creating repeat customers through dependency, while also working the supply and demand angle is industrious and deceitful. Older men and young men alike are suffering from the dreaded Dead Wood syndrome.

By chance, during the testing process of high blood pressure pills it was noticed (how could it be missed?) one very undeniable reaction to the drug. All the men, regardless of age and health all were sporting wood, and it lasted 4-hours. It didn’t take long before they ‘retooled’ the marketing of the drug and viola—Viagra was born!

Woody drugs are advertised more than most, so clearly there’s a huge market. These drugs aren’t nearly as dangerous as most drugs used for psychological disorders and anxiety—but they are money makers. This is true of all drugs. Whatever sells obviously gets the attention of the manufactures.

My point here is that we create drugs to counter symptoms but don’t create an environment of learning and seeking out the source of these symptoms. So what, we can make a drug that gives even the least healthy men a stellar erection. Why not teach people to care for themselves and remain healthy enough to be sexually active for the duration?

The Fat Cats Of The Pharmaceutical World
This concept is true in many other areas. Just look at all the drugs to combat obesity. Diet information has been so skewed and conflicting that eventually people latch onto one or two concepts and spend most of their lives losing a pound and gaining two. Until they finally give up and take one of the many diet drugs available today. This creates a plethora of problems, one of which is supporting and empowering the pharmaceutical industry. The other problems reside within the user of the so-called medication.

Remember that no chemical does its work and leaves the body, in full. The residue of all drugs remain in the tissue of the body. The liver is severely taxed by any and all drugs. Lets say the diet drug actually works, which as most of us know, they never do, long term. The residue of the drug can cause so many other problems—pushing the user to seek more pills to douse the new fire caused by the desire to fix a symptom.

Dealing with the source of an illness requires an approach from a different perspective, altogether. Killing a person’s appetite can help them to lose weight initially but does nothing toward teaching a person how to make better choices and why different choices would help. Overeating and eating poorly aren’t based in the physical alone. There is a major emotional component. This can be true of erectile dysfunction, as well. Yet, again we see a lack of vital information doing much harm to the afflicted person. If men knew about prostate health and how much diet plays a role in their prostate health, I’m pretty sure they’d heed some of the information.

The drug pushers known as “doctors”, and their suppliers known as “pharmaceutical manufacturers”, have duped the public with such skill, that to even consider that drugs aren’t the be all, end all is viewed as ridiculous. In alternative circles this is not the case, but the mainstream still swears by the “magic pill.” Something wrong? Take a pill! Something wrong after taking said pill? Take another one! This is not the way to health. This is the way down the wormhole of poisoning one’s self by way of seeking health.

Go Back! Danger, WIll Robinson!
I’m using the classic line from Robot of Lost In Space, the 60’s television show. The reason I use Robot’s mantra is because most people are programmed like robots to do as they’re told. I’d like to also point-out that this is not the way. Medicating the body should be something we do as a last ditch effort or in emergency. To jump into a medication program which for some reason these days is for life, is how things are being done, today.

Starting with diet and exercise is the smartest way to go, if there’s no emergency, of course—allowing the body to reset itself makes more sense to me. We’re not introducing poison to the system and confusing the initial outcome from the drug, as a crowning achievement. Instead, we can return to basics and analyze our daily practices. To simplify the diet must be the first step taken. Cleansing the body through diet and colon cleansing is a great second step. Adding fresh organic vegetable juice to the diet is also an amazing practice.

Raw organic vegetables provide nutrition unavailable from cooked veggies: it’s that simple. I’m not saying that eating lettuce is going to cure Erectile Dysfunction or reverse obesity–there’s a bit more to healthy living than eating salad. However, if there was more information handed out to folks suffering from these pesky conditions, they could actually begin to see an improvement and possibly feel better.

Making A Mountain Our Of A Blue Pill
I’m being sarcastic because I know the difference, and once I knew there was no way for me to not know, the truth hit me like a ton-of-bricks! If people were provided with real information instead of calorie counting or low-fat, low-cal absurdities, doled out like scientific information, we’d have far less minor health issues, that when treated with drugs, eventually become life threatening health issues.

We extinguish fire with gasoline. I do want to stress that for many people who suffer from real illness whether caused by medication, poor living or genetic inheritance, medication is a must. However, when diet is ignored no progress can be made, hence the life sentence of medicine—if you can call it that. For my money, medicine is a temporary gauze for a gaping wound. Eventually suture is required for the wound to properly heal.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that no matter how crazy the alternative health community is deemed by the uninitiated, as it sometimes is, the movement has opened many eyes to simply, what is possible. Seek another opinion or method before filling out that prescription. Let’s face it, for most men over 40, changing lifestyle for the hopes of good wood doesn’t compare to the 4-hour erection attained by the almighty Viagra. But the promise of a long life of healthy erectile function and no side effects will eventually outweigh the instant gratification of the blue pill. So, 4-hour hard-on? Or a lifetime of youthful, abundant ceaseless energy?

To shed a few pounds is all well and good, but when the deprivation of the simple joys of eating overcome the power of the appetite suppressor, the problem then becomes exponential weight-gain. Indulgence in junk foods becomes almost obsessive to the emotionally starved. Losing a few inches/pounds is great, if done the right way. But, to live a long healthy life, trim and fit, is a far better choice. Because waste is weight! The more we keep a healthy weight, the less illness we provoke or awaken—it’s that simple.

Be well,
Tom DeVito

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