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Evolution Revolution

Cancer doesn’t just happen to people. MS doesn’t just occur without causation. Disease isn’t a lottery draw—and the way in which we adapt can’t always be considered progress. Human beings are being augmented by drugs and genetic modification of the food supply.

Are we evolving into a drug-dependent species? Are we altering our genes because the foods we eat are science experiments? Merging or hybridizing foods has been practiced for a very long time. This process allows the two species to naturally blend, genetically.

A Change Is Upon Us
Today, we are rearranging actual genes in our food supply, therefore affecting the very nature of the food. Furthermore, we are changing our nature via the foods we are eating.

Our medical industry has an interesting way of looking at illness. Basic illness like colds and other non life-threatening ills are completely misunderstood or purposely mistreated. The common cold is the body’s way of ridding mucous from the system. The medical world stops this process with medicine and calls it treatment.

The pimple has yielded multiple millions of dollars for the dermatology industry. I don’t mean to disrespect the people of that industry, but boy do they miss the point! The function of the pimple is simple—to rid the body of puss and other waste materials. (I say industry when I talk about these practices because they don’t deal in healing—they deal in ‘planned obsolescence.’)

The dermatology industry applies poisonous acids to the skin or anti-biotics into the bloodstream, to stop the natural process of the lymph and skin, deepening the condition of polluted tissue, blood and cells feeding a condition that will return with greater force—this is what treatment looks like to them!

How can they pretend to not know that skin is an elimination organ? Why do they attempt to stop the natural function of the skin? What logical reason could they possibly have for reversing the natural healing process of the human body, which is to use the bloodstream and the lymph stream to rid itself of poisonous waste?

The bloodstream and lymphatic stream carry the waste to the proper organs of elimination, the kidneys being the one everyone most likely thinks of first. But the skin is forgotten in that role.

Our skin is our outer shell, our esthetic sheath. Most of us just want it to look good, regardless of the methods. What most people are not considering is the skin looks vastly better and younger when the body- or better yet, the bowel- is cleansed.

Not so often these days do we hear the term ‘latent illness.’ Probably because the medical industry is so busy convincing us that illness is the norm and wellness is practically a miracle. This is utter nonsense, of course. We used the term latent illness a few decades ago, to describe that which is building or lying dormant—to eventually rear its ugly head and strike.

In some way, even when we called this real issue, latent (as in dormant but present) illness we somehow sidestepped the ownership or accountability for creating this latent illness. We’ve jumped on the it-runs-in-the-family boat, a long time ago, to which my response has long been, “no; lasagna and raviolis runs in your family”.

I’m witnessing a phenomenon in our species. People seem to be expanding at an alarming rate. They are not only expanding, they appear relatively healthy till they reach their mid to upper-thirties. For many people the trouble starts here. People are larger and society defends their right to be large. Rather than demanding they take care of themselves.

From decades of disregard and abuse, the body eventually starts its decline. It shows up in different ways, depending on the area of weakness of each person. Some develop arthritis, others pancreatitis or diabetes; some develop heart disease or worse, cancer. While we live a longer life, we don’t necessarily live a healthier life. As a species we are aided by many outside forces to keep the game going.

I wonder how people would fare without the over-the-counter aides such as antacids, Pepto Bismol, Maalox, skin moisturizer, anti-perspirant, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, breath mints, etc. Even health food stores thrive on selling products.
Where are we headed? We are fast becoming the Salvador Dhali character in many of his paintings–the crutched human. It’s almost as if we can no longer naturally exist and thrive without our aids and products.

I understand that some of these aids are unavoidable. Perhaps all of them are unavoidable results of our way of life. But to think that we can’t live without these artificial products or at least thrive as we once did through ice ages and many other natural challenges. Today, we rely on more things that we’ve created for the weaker members of society than we seek the resourceful solutions that strengthened the people.

We change the measurements of our clothing so the obese don’t feel so bad about their size. Is that a good thing? We change the requirements for the police and fire departments so as to not exclude the obese from these honorable roles in society. Is this the right way for us to go? Are we evolving? Are we moving the species forward.

I get the technical aspects, the merging of human and machine, the super-human TechnoSapien. That’s an obvious direction for us to go—considering how interactive and intuitive our technology has become. We are creating machines that will one day have independent analysis capabilities or the power to think independently from the parameters of its programming. Meaning, left alone, it will learn and through certain analytical processes will be able to make its own decisions.

While the merging of man and machine is scary and something I’m not looking forward to, it’s not nearly as dark and scary as the opposite potential result, the super-human SlothoSapien also known as, the “slow lumbering morbidly obese species”, which is the weakened result of the Junk Food Nation. This massively sweaty, pale, and sticky mega-mammal can only digest GMO non-foods, produced by our Department of Agricultural Scientific Synthetic Food Utility Corp. Developers: here on referred to as ASSFUCD.

Due to excessive modification of the genetic structure of all our foods, ASSFUCD will single handedly produce the fattest, most sloth-like version of people this planet will ever know. To stay the course of food production in this country, there can be no other outcome! The result of being ASSFUCD will be a world expansion in every conceivable way. The species itself will not be able to continue once we are living 100% under the umbrella of ASSFUCD.

I paint this bleak and miserable picture here not because I want to bring everyone down but to hopefully cause a giggle of absurdity. Yes, what I just laid out was silly and cheap, but there’s enough truth to cause a stir in even the most cynical of people when ‘healthy eating’ is the topic.

The Evolution Revolution is more like a rapid decline in our nation’s ability to simply stay healthy without the aid of medical attention or health aids and products. With some simple and very basic knowledge, most of us can live long, healthy, disease-free lives: I am living proof of this. To have lived with a life sentence of needing medication to treat a neurological disorder at age 18—only to stop the drug eleven years later, got my attention. When I added colon cleansing to my approach, I was able to bring myself to a place having lost 70-lbs., and now live illness-free.

I live now 25-years free of the neurological illness and the medication. I also freed myself of life-long acute allergies for 11-years and counting. Our health is created by our daily actions. Eat a diet rich in processed foods and your health will be equal to the quality of your diet. Eat a diet rich in natural foods and lots of fruits and vegetables, and your health will be equal to the quality of that diet—it’s very simple.

Finally, Consider this. Forget all the things you hear about why you should eat a healthy diet. If for no other reason, consider eating healthy because of this simple reason—our organs require specific basic elements or building blocks so each organ can repair and maintain itself. Drink vegetable juice, eat fruits and salads—separate your proteins and starches, beginning each meal with a green-leafy salad. Do this for 10-days to 2-weeks and watch how much better you feel.

You ARE what you EAT. You tissue, bloodstream and cells will only be as healthy and youthful as the quality of food you put in your body on a daily basis. If all your food is dead animal, you’ll achieve the health of which that diet provides. If your diet is made up of ‘food gadgets’ (processed food), your health will reflect that quality—or lack of quality—because of that particular diet.

Give your body what it needs to evolve. Avoid the pitfalls of eating phantom foods. Just because it LOOKS like a tomato, doesn’t mean it IS a tomato.

Be well,
Tom DeVito

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