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It’s Been A Long Time. . . Since A Rockin’ Rant!

Yep! I’m borrowing the lyric from Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin. Some things never change.

I’d like to welcome everyone to Independently Healthy! I’ve put down the virtual pen for quite some time to tackle some other things. A lot has happened since I’ve written here. Yet, for me not much has changed. The principles of health are the same and will remain the same, until we figure out how to do some weird Star Trek futuristic healing technics. Like waving a wand over someones body to fix a sick organ. Or standing in a chamber which reads the energy of all the organs and simply manipulates the atoms and molecules and the energy of that specific organ and fixes or heals that ailment.

Since we don’t have that wand or the chamber, just yet—allow me to share the tips that have kept me healthy and illness free for many years.

First and foremost, I eat food. I rarely eat things that are made from many ingredients (processed food). I eat whole foods, with the occasional exception, sprouted bread. I also eat much of my foods raw. A raw diet requires a lot of trial and error and time to figure out how best to proceed for your specific history.

Processed foods are one of the things I see hurting so many people. They don’t breakdown easily, in the body. They also leave behind a very toxic residue that clogs the body and leaves it sluggish and inefficient—this food is void of nutritional value. No matter what the package tells you.

Second most important factor: I Drink FRESH VEGETABLE JUICE everyday. This is not about perfection. Just about getting your juice as often as possible. Juice delivers raw material to the body, so the body has what it needs to make its own nutrition. Simply put, juicing is the best thing anyone can do for their health. I’m conflicted with this being second on the list. But, what we eat matters greatly. Yet, juicing is the game changer. Juicing veggies is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. Drinking juice is NOTHING like taking vitamins. Juice is active whole, nutrition. Pill vitamins are fractionated and are seen in the body as foreign and swiftly removed, hence the funny colored urine. ‘Whole food’ supplements are a different story and are a wonderful compliment to the diet. These are vitamins derived only from food. They aren’t synthesized.

It’s funny how these categories work in reverse order!

Cleansing the bowels! 
No health regimen or diet change or infusion of nutrition from any source, delivered in any way, will do for the human body what colonics do. Without removing the old encrusted waste material, which has been locked in the bowels for most of your life, the new health approach will only go so far. This is why so many diet practices plateau. This plateau affect seems to be a large reason why people go back to eating their old ways. and never get healthy. There is no real dramatic difference in ones experience, in the absence of bowel cleansing. When the bowels are cleansed on a regular basis and the foods are whole, and fresh veggie juice is being consumed daily, there is no limit to the vibrant health that can be achieved. From your head to your toes, you will feel a renewed sense of youthful energy and clarity you never thought possible. No pill can or will every achieve this, without some serious and significant damage being done to the liver and kidneys.

There’s no reason for people to succumb to physical distortion and breakdown. We all age and will eventually perish. But we don’t need to walk around with these giant inflated bellies, which are hard as a rock. This trend of rock hard distended midsections is sickening to witness. People just don’t get this one. Fat is soft and mushy. Those rock hard guts are simply the result of gas and waste being trapped in the bowels. I’ve written countless posts about the bloated guts on people today. It’s insane to me that most people still count calories and watch their fat intake. What a waste of time, energy and money.

I see 99% of diet information out today as total nonsense. Counting calories? Where are calories in food? Where are they in my body? What the hell are people talking about? Metabolism is another bullshit story people believe. The speed at which food breaks down is determined by the efficiency of their body and the openness of their tubes (digestion and elimination organs). Eating 6 meals per day or a hardy breakfast to get the metabolism going is nonsensical. The results never last. What are the intended results of all diet plans? Weight loss. How many of these plans actually work? Very few. By the way—Even if they work and keep you thin, they miss the point about keeping the human body healthy. Eat three meals per day. Have three bowel movements per day. That should be at the foundation of all health regimens.

Weight loss is an interesting concept. I believe excess weight is waste trapped in the body, causing inefficiency further causing the body to store more things as fat (secondary source of energy to sugar) causing the body to expand. But, ALL WEIGHT GAIN BEGINS WITH POOR DIGESTION and more so, POOR ELIMINATION.

We gain weight happens when we don’t pass in equal amounts what’s been consumed. Oh, and eating things that are made by a gat guy in a factory, rather than what comes from the earth. Forget your calories and go back to counting sheep, it’s more realistic. Forget worrying about fats and sugar and EAT WHOLE FOODS!

And finally we come to exercise. Exercise is very important for the state of mind. It’s also good for the body. Movement and anaerobic exercise is very beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. However, It doesn’t make up for or fix having a poor diet. Exercise should not be used to ‘burn off’ the pizza you had for lunch. NOTHING burns off the slime the pizza leaves behind in your colon, which further poisons your organs in a multitude of ways. As this kind of slime accumulates in your colon your body suffers greatly. Freeing the body of this toxic matter is where the transformation begins.

Eat whole foods. Juice fresh organic vegetables. Clean your colon. Exercise for your mind and body. Breathe some clean air by walking in the woods or on a beach.

Remember, there are no short cuts to health. 

If you want instant gratification. . . Get a colonic! More will change in that hour than will with a pill. One more thing, the pill poisons the body and ultimately destroys our health. But that’s another story.

Enjoy this beautiful day with all your might. Which means, keep your body clear, clean and open—free of debris and pollution, feed it the basic raw materials it needs from the foods that evolved with us, as a species, and you will experience life at a level you never imagined possible. This is what it means to be Independently Healthy!

Be well,
Tom DeVito

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