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It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

The battle of the bulge, as a phrase comes from a battle fought in World War II. As times change and our culture morphs into an obese-centric society, we use this term to describe an all too common problem by which men and women are challenged. People will try many different things to combat this slow but steady assault on their sex-appeal.

Obviously, to have a fat gut is unattractive. Men and women alike are turned off by this now typical build. What was once relegated to folks over 50, we now see in thirty-somethings. So, why am I going on about midsections and fat people?

Because it’s that time of year! The holidays are getting closer and those holiday favorites are calling our names. Apparently, belly fat is a new sensation. Somehow, these health magazines, news programs and silly diet programs have isolated a special fat that grows and dissolves different to regular fat. Sound absurd? Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking.

First of all, the fat that we ‘grow’ from eating a poor diet is called adipose tissue. There’s no difference between belly fat and adipose tissue. It’s all FAT. The notion that belly fat responds differently to food or exercise than the rest of the fat on our bodies, is not only ridiculous—It gives people false hope and more failure with which to contend.

Now imagine if you had a pillow over an empty balloon. But you had a long straw connected to the balloon. As you begin to blow into the balloon and fill it with air, the pillow begins to rise. Our lower bellies is where our intestines are located. When we eat proteins and starches together (meat & potato, chicken & rice, fish & noodle, eggs & toast, cereal & milk, all meat sandwiches, and the list goes on. . .) we cause a problem in the stomach.

The stomach secretes the appropriate digestive enzymes for the one food or type of foods it receives. Eating a protein and starch in the same meal is something we’ve all been taught and encouraged to do. Eating those two food types at the same time tells the stomach to produce opposing stomach acids, which neutralize each other when they meet. Some of you may remember from grade school, health class—mixing acid with alkaline, causes the two to neutralize and become water.

This is where the food begins to rot rather than be efficiently digested. This causes major bloat, which comes and goes. However, after decades of eating this way, we accumulate a more permanent bloat, which gets called belly fat. When you address your food combinations, the balloon will begin to deflate. As your digestion improves, so does your elimination. As you eliminate more waste, your body utilizes the fat, and before you know it, your fat disappears.

Good food combining should be the least anyone does for their health. This allows food to digest and contribute nutrition to your body. Taking on these practices will improve any diet program. Utilizing proper food combinations as you approach the holidays is a great prevention from the holiday bulge.

Be well,
Tom DeVito

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