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Gravity centered colonics are the most natural form of colonics, utilizing only an elevated tank of filtered water, which allows gravity to gently pull the water into the colon. This method differs from pressurized colonics in various ways. First and foremost, there are no machines, motors or pumps being used to aggressively push water into the colon risking bowel distention and/or perforation and secondly, the gravity centered method allows for a simultaneous inflow/outflow of water through the colon, dramatically lessening any discomfort during the treatment. This is the original method used by Dr. Robert Woods and Dr. Norman Walker. Together they pioneered colon hydrotherapy and helped countless people with illnesses deemed incurable by the medical industry. A highly trained, certified colon therapist administers the treatment and is present throughout, while gently massaging the abdominal area to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Our therapists are very well versed in dietary knowledge and can guide you with their expertise. The water that is used for our colon hydrotherapy is passed through a quadruple filter, thus virtually free of debris and totally sanitized through our ultra-violet light chamber. Visit for information about Cryo-Therapy and the packages available—which equals savings, for you!

The day of your appointment, we recommend fasting 3-hours prior to ensure an empty stomach. Please arrive 10-minutes prior to your appointment in order to complete a health waiver and allow enough time for a complete treatment. Treatment duration: 45-minutes to one hour.



Tom DeVito of Release, has developed a revolutionary approach to health, wellness and weight loss through a concentration on digestion. Developing a personalized nutritional program focused on two key elements: food transit times (the appropriate amount of time for a specific food to leave the stomach and exit the body) and food combinations (the compatibility of different foods eaten together within a meal for optimal digestion) are critical to enhanced energy and ultimately, efficiency in elimination. These two components greatly determine if a meal is beneficial or damaging to one’s health. If food is not being properly broken down, absorbed, distributed and utilized, it is most likely coating the intestinal tract. The first step to any dramatic dietary changes should always involve an interior cleansing to avoid putrefaction. If the blood stream and tissues are polluted by the waste of old eating habits then even the healthiest foods will react negatively and cause discomfort or illness, discouraging one from whole, natural, cleansing foods. Tom eases his clients into a healthy lifestyle and easily keeps them motivated with his encouragement, support and delicious recipe suggestions.



We value our clients’ time. Please be considerate of everyone’s schedules. We require a 24-hour advance notice cancellation or rescheduling if you are unable to honor your original appointment time. A failure to cancel/reschedule within the 24-hour policy will result in a full charge of the appointment.

Thank you for protecting the integrity of everyone’s schedules.

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