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In 2007, Tom DeVito founded Release NYC in Manhattan’s mid-town district. He has more than 15 years experience as a colon therapist serving clients of all ages with various health conditions. He has created a well rounded, safe, and dynamic practice, to which he brings a sense of humor and compassion for helping people become “Independently Healthy”.

Frequently, new clients will ask “What on earth made you want to do this for a living?” Tom came to alternative medicine, a raw food diet and gravity colon hydrotherapy seeking an antidote to his own serious illness, with no idea where it would lead him. He walks the walk and talks the talk. The total renewal of his health is why he became a Colon Therapist.

He suffered from allergies since he was a boy— allergic to almost everything but food–using all kinds of over-the-counter drugs, which masked some symptoms but further poisoned his body. At age 18 he was diagnosed with Seizure Disorder. He was medicated for 11 years on the most powerfully toxic drugs on the market.

Reading a book on alternative health influenced him to learn about food combining, juicing and the importance of healthy bowel function. Within months Tom felt a major shift in his mood, health and vitality. The next pivotal moment was reading a book about colon hydrotherapy, which fortuitously led him to Gil Jacobs, a colon therapist. Gil became Tom’s mentor, teaching him the essence of “deep tissue cleansing” and the depth of its power. Moments into his first colonic, Tom knew two things, wellness was now his, and he would always partake in colonics to detoxify his body and maintain his health. Tom weighed close to 200 pounds when he began his colonic treatments. He had a dramatic weight loss of 70 pounds over a few years and balanced out at a weight he was comfortable with. He’s been off the medicines for the seizure illness for 27 years and free of allergies for 15 years. Tom hasn’t had the need for any kind of medication or doctor care since 1991. Not even aspirin.

Tom’s awakening made him realize that truth like this needs to be shared. This led him to opening his own Colon Hydrotherapy practice. Tom believes to assist real healing, we must first cleanse the bowels while changing what we eat to a more whole-foods based, cleansing diet.



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