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The Formula – V=P-O

For Health & Longevity

Professor Arnold Ehret wrote, in 1922, Vitality equals power, minus obstruction. No truer formula has been introduced to humankind, since. When we remove the obstruction (solid waste, mucous, gas and other toxemias) the power increases and our vitality becomes limitless. It’s that simple.

I’ve been involved in deep tissue cleansing/Colon Therapy/Alternative Health) since 1999. I’ve seen many dietary trends come and go. The one thing I know to be true is as follows: Drink fresh vegetable juice, everyday, or as often as possible. Eat according to proper food combining (proteins with veggies; starches with veggies; salads precede cooked foods, etc.). Cleanse your bowels!

The part about colon cleansing isn’t something you want to overlook—especially while transitioning to a vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet. First, I’d like to take this opportunity to address a common myth about colon cleansing. The anti-colonic mantra I’ve heard since 1999 is as follows: Don’t do colonics! You’ll wash out all the good bacteria!” What we’re washing out during a colonic is old waste. The so called bad bacteria overwhelms the colon as a result of high meat, dairy and starch diets. If you’re having difficulty with digestion or elimination, a Gravity Centered Colonic is a profoundly affective therapy for these ailments, and many others. While some good bacteria is lost during a colonic—it’s important to note that the glands that produce the beneficial bacteria are caked in old waste. So, the removal of waste, via Colonics or fasting are powerful tools to heal the bowels.

The simple formula laid out above is effective in ways you can’t imagine. Only those of us who have taken on these simple principles, know the truth. If your food isn’t consumed in a digestible combination and order, then the quality of the food is irrelevant. Food that doesn’t digest efficiently, rots. Rotting food doesn’t nourish your body. It poisons your bloodstream.

Wisdom comes with time and experience. This therapeutic tool has been used for thousands of years. I have become Independently Healthy by simplifying my diet and cleansing my bowels.

Peace & Love,

Tommy D.

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